Child of Klang – Elin Øyen Vister


Elin Már Øyen Vister (born in 1976 in Oslo, Norway; lives and works in Røst, Nordland) finished their MFA from the Art Academy in Bergen along with an MFA from the Nordic Sound Art program in 2012. Coming from a sonic background; DJ-ing producing and radio work, their multidisciplinary work is concerned with listening as an artistic practice and a way of composing, sensing and experiencing the world.

Øyen Vister work with field recording, installation, composition, performance, sculpture, live improvisation, radio, sound for film as well and site specific sound interventions. They are occupied with listening as an artistic practice, in ways of composing, sensing and experiencing the world; much inspired by the american philosopher and composer Pauline Oliveros Deep Listening practice.

One of their ongoing projects Soundscape Røst, investigates and documents the rapidly changing natural and cultural sound environments of the Røst archipelago, as a result of the ongoing global environmental crisis.

They are also part of Røst AIR working group – running an interdisciplinary artist in residency and communal workshops, founded in 2012, situated on Skomvær island, Røst, Nordland.


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