Røster III, at Cross Correnti, Røst, Nordland 4.-7.8.2016

Røster III, at Cross Correnti, Røst, Nordland 4.-7.8.2016

Foto: Carsten Aniksdal

Elin Màr Øyen Vister is presenting the eight channel sound work Røster III during the Cross Correnti program (Querini dagan) Røster III takes the listener on an aural journey through a series of sound tableauxs carefully sculptured and arranged by the artist’s archive of field recordings from the Røst Arcipelago, in Lofoten, Northern Norway between 2010 and 2015. The work places the listening body in a time-space continuum where nature and culture co-exist and are given equal importance; giving ear to the eternal variation of voices and spaces; the geophonies and anthrophonies of Røst. Røster III is a sound work for eight channels or more, created and composed by Elin Mar Øyen Vister ,and mixed and spatialized in collaboration with Trond Lossius and BEK in Bergen.

For The Cross Correnti / Querinidagan, Elin Már has installed Røster III at Tørrfisk loftet på lille Glea / at the drycodfish loft at Lille Glea ( Greger AS)

The installation is created around a set up of eight speakers arranged in a  horizontal landscape in the wooden loft of lille Glea, surrounded by empty dry cod fish wooden cases. The room is unlit, and the amount of light that enters the space at any time is weather dependent. Some of the field recordings that are used in the composition was recorded just here at the lille Glea fish landing, and as the wooden building where the loft is situated, is not sound proof ,the inside seeps out and the outside seeps in. This creates a playful double listening; or a kind of random call and response with the present time of now and the recorded then.

Elin Már is greatful to Cross Correnti organizers Hildegunn Petteresen and Lise Kari Berg for being asked to finally show Røster III at Røst where the recordings have been made and where the artist lives and works.

Thank you to Andreas Pedersen for help with installing, Sigfred Arne Evjen for transport help, Frode Hansen and colleagues at Greger AS for helping clear the space and fascilitating the use of the loft, thanks to Tonny ++ for lending out some xlr cabels, thanks to Margrethe Pettersen for lending me the forth pair of Genelecs. Finally a heartfull thank you to the humans and non humans on Røst who is directly and /or indirectly featured in the work: from Karianne and Steinar´s sheep, Røstjenta fishing boat 2013 winter fishing staff, seabirds of Skomvær, Hernyken, Ellevsnyken, Røstlandet, Sandøya and more.

A concert will be held within the installation Saturday 6th of August at 4.30 pm. Elin Már Øyen Vister, (mix, electronics and found objects) and Kristine Tjøgersen (clarinet) (NO) from the soundscape quartet WeDoMagic will be joined by guest musicians and Røst AiR current artists in resident, the Berlin based composer and trombonist Hillary Jeffery (UK) and improviser and composer Marie Kaada Hovden (voice et al).

Røster III is supported by BEK i Bergen, Norsk Kulturråd og Komponistenes Vederlagsfond

Takk til fylkesmannen for tillatelse til å ta opp lyd i Nykan naturreservat sommern 2014.

Images from the concert taken by Tore Bernsten: