Soundscape Røst – The Listening Lounge for NNKS

Soundscape Røst – The Listening Lounge for NNKS

NNKS Black box

13.06.2014 – 17.08.2014

Elin Øyen Vister works with field recordings which explore natural and urban sound spaces and sound environments. In 2010, Øyen Vister started a dedicated and comprehensive compilation of the sound environments at Røst in Lofoten through the project Soundscape Røst.

Thematically, the audio works of recent years have been focused on soundscapes in alteration as a result of the ecological crises the world is experiencing and the subsequent decline in biodiversity.

Øyen Vister asks questions regarding today’s listening culture and listening experiences through her installations, and explores various listening strategies through mediation and presentation of sound art.

Elin Øyen Vister has a background from Trondheim Academy of Fine Art and the inter-scandinavian Nordic Sound Art program. In the spring of 2014 she achieved a Master in art at Bergen Academy of Art and Design.

The audience is kindly requested to enter the installation one at a time, administrated by a ticket booking system at the NNKS reception/art shop.