Radiokiosken – The Radio kiosk

18.9 – 11.10 2013:  ELIN ØYEN VISTER in collaboration with SAMUEL OLOU
The Radio Kiosk is Elin Øyen Visters temporary comission for Kunst På Veitvet  /Art at Veitvet, a project initiated by the agency of culture in Oslo, Norway.
Kunst på Veitvet was a significant part of the urban regeneration project
Grorudallssatsningen at Veitvet-Sletteløkka, and lasted through the year of 2013. The project presented temporary and place related art projects along the main road at Veitvet, from the school to Sletteløkka. Art consultant for Kunst på Veitvet was artist Ebba Moi. Project managers from Bydel Bjerke was Martin Bergsmark Vodde and Tuva Langfeldt. Coordinator of the Oslo City Agency of Culture was Aud Ganberg.
Radiokiosken is a local radio station and sound art gallery, that broadcasted on the local FM dial of 98,7, during a period of 3 weeks in the autumn of 2013. The radio station and gallery was housed in a kiosk created by the artist Samuel Olou. The Kiosk building, was also an independent sculpture participating at the Norwegian Sculpture Biennial of 2013. The Radio-Kiosk related closely to the daily life of Veitvet-Sletteløkka suburb where the artist herself grew up, and was also looking closer into the infrastructure of Art On Veitvet and Groruddalssatsingen itself. Groruddalsatsningen started in 2007 and lasts until 2016. Each year, grants the state and the municipality of Oslo least 50 million each towards Groruddalssatsingen. The four districts of the Groruddalen valley, houses a fifth of the population of Oslo. The area is changing rapidly, both in terms of demographics, traffic and residential areas. The rapid development brings positive changes, but also several challenges. 
Radio Kiosk addresse the interaction between the individual, and the social, political and cultural environment of Veitvet -Slettaløkka. Radio Kiosken explores local radio’s potential role in a community and tries to become a meeting point for it´s inhabitants; giving them a place to meet and converse about the local. The content on the broadcast was continuously being created with the cooperation of the local population and the different cultural actors on Veitvet-Slettaløkka.
From around 8pm until 12 am every day, Radikiosken transformed into a sound art gallery playing works through a set of outdoors speakers and broadcasting soundworks, fieldrecordings and music by Elin Øyen Vister and her collegues, featuring amongst other the Dawn Chorus Radio broadcast with dawn recordings from an international community of field recorders.
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