Røster # 1 / # 2

Røster is a sound installation for eight channels or more, created and composed by Elin Øyen Vister, site specifically mixed and spatialized in collaboration with Trond Lossius from BEK in Bergen. The work exists in two versions, Røster I and Røster II.

Røster  takes the listener on a aural journery through sound tableauxs carefully sculptured and arranged by the artists archive of field recordings from the Røst Arcipelago, in Lofoten, Northern Norway. The work places the listening body in a time -space continuum where nature and culture co-exist and are given equal importance, giving ear to the eternal variation of voices and spaces; the geophony and anthrophony of Røst.

The installation is created around a set up of speakers arranged in a vertical and a horizontal landscape, all hidden by a black veil and almost complete darkness. The listening sense is hereby given sensual priority in our visual culture.

The work seeks to rid ecology of nature as the American eco crtic and philosopher Tim Morton, writes about in his book Ecology Without Nature.

Røster I has been presented at Tromsø Kunstforening, in Tromsø Norway, in the autum of 2012 and this spring ,Røster II was presented as part of Elin Øyen Visters final work at the KHIB master exhibition at Bergen Kunsthall, Bergen, Norway.

Røster III will be premiered in 2015/2016.