Listening To Co Exsistence, text for for Writing Sound II (2014)

A text curated by Cheryl Tipp (British Library), Antidote 2013

antidote6webMy fascination with sound and sound environments goes back to my early childhood. I had a grandfather who was greatly interested in nature and birds and their sounds, and a father who was obsessed with music, so the act of listening attentively to music from a record, a song sung by my father or a bird twitter, was something I was born into. Amongst my earliest, clear sound memories is of listening to my parents and their friends talking at night. Their voices filtered through the wooden walls of our cabin in the Blefjell mountains made me feel safe. I have been deeply into sound and music ever since, and further on through my background in dance, radio and as a dj and producer. I discovered pretty early the magic of listening to, and capturing sound and sound environments and acoustic spaces and places onto tape and the beauty of sharing these with the world through listening communities and through my artistic work. I communicate all my artistic ideas through sound as acoustic energy has a great impact on all living beings. The sound obsession stems from the act of listening itself, and how transcendental an act of listening to sound matter can be. Either by being in an environment and closing my eyes, ”deep” and meditatively listening to the place/space, or experiencing ”blind ” listening back to recorded sound.

The physical act of planning to go to, arriving at and listening to an environment excites me intensely, whether it’s urban, rural or natural sound environments. Physical adventures, continuous treasure hunting for sounds and sounding spaces, that never stops to surprise me. As an environmental activist and nature lover, being outside in a nature is what I always long for, so field recording as a basis of my artistic practice makes sense in all ways. And I have always been a collector and archiver. It begun with rocks, then records and now it’s sound. And listening to the world is a never ending story, which has an existential ring to it, and is part of why field recording makes me love and appreciate every day of my life.